I’m the Operator with My Pocket Calculator!

Remember back in the day when technology was a good thing, used not only for corporate profit. I have learned to appreciate the little things that see me through time without asking anything in return.

This year, I thought for sure I would have to buy a new calculator for my new structural engineering class, since I haven’t done serious mathematics for over 5 years.

Of course every battery-powered calculator I found in my house wasn’t working, but then I found my good ol’ Texas Instrument-36X Solar calculator. Older than dirt with no protective case, it still works like a charm. Why can’t we create more things like this nowadays. This is one invention I can bet people are angry they’re not making money from. I am so relieved I don’t need a subscription or 2 year contract for the TI-36X.

So for the last couple of days in a related topic I have been very interested in the latest developments in piezoelectricity, architecture, and energy generating pavement. It’s nice to read that such experiments are taking place in free safe energy. Of course not much is being done on this in the US, most likely because it may not generate any profits. Free, safe electricity – Bah, who needs it!

But I do know my old, beaten up solar piezoelectric calculator still works perfectly. To quote a popular sales phrase the guy who sold me my last car said continually, “it’s a no-brainer.” Why not transform the energy and sound that already exists in this world into power?
Also, in a related note, I was unable to take a picture of my beloved calculator because my higher tech digital camera just crapped out, and I can’t afford an iPhone. But seriously, am I getting older or just more rational?


About Meghan Dufresne

Meghan R. Dufresne, LEED AP is an architectural designer and writer based in Boston. Interests include sustainability, gardens, art, sound, touch, experience, and merging buildings with the surrounding landscape.
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